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Website and Social Media Update

Sunday, May 26, 2019

With the conclusion of yesterday's Annual General Meeting, and officially being appointed as VP Communications, I felt an update to the direction of digital media should be given to the public. My goal as a communications officer is not just to update a website and make random posts in a Facebook or Twitter account, but to make a connection between people, both individuals and groups. What makes a successful membership is knowing that the ideas, thoughts and goals of members, non-members and executive are sufficiently vocalized and together we retain that sense of community to everyone that wants to be a part of this family. It is a two way path. I want to make everyone's voice heard and to show that your idea and thoughts are as important as anyone else.

Our website is still fairly new, and is a working progress, but I want to use this as a multi-purpose tool to keep our executive goal of transparency alive as well as making this place interesting, and on top of the happenings with the executive, to showcase darts on PEI like it never has before. It will be a place to display stories of players and their interest in darts, and how they grew their love for the game. Which will in turn increase the interest level for all and make more unique connections between our association.

I believe dart players are a unique group and we all have a passion for it. I also believe there are many people out there who would love to play but are shy to start, or don't even know they have the passion yet and it's up to all of us to dig them out and bring them in to enjoy it as much as we do. Communicating the fun everyone has at tournaments or events together is a great way to do that.

As I said above the website is still fairly new and isn't as "pretty" as I want it yet, but I will be continuously working on it to ensure that this will be a place everyone wants to come to read about Darts on PEI and the goals of what the Prince Edward Island Darts Association Inc can do for everyone.

Happy Darting!