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President’s Message

Friday, November 23, 2018

In October of this year, I was asked to help redesign and recreate the darts experience on Prince Edward Island.  A group of my peers, with whom I share great respect, asked if I would be interested in serving as President of the newly formed Prince Edward Darts Association Inc.  I was flattered and realized that this group of people share my passion and respect for the game of darts and so I agreed to join the cause. 

With the dissolution of the former provincial body in darts, PEI was left to re-invent itself as a representative of the NDFC.  I couldn’t be more proud to help accomplish that goal and take the opportunity to build on the great work that was done by the former group.  As we work to legally incorporate as an organization and officially affiliate with the NDFC, we will be looking for your continued support and so far have received it overwhelmingly.

The group of people that have stepped forward to serve on the Executive Board of your Association are committed to bringing darts on PEI to a new level of success.  Collectively, we have a common vision that will see a new era of dedication and transparency for our members.  Our mandate is to become a fiscally responsible non-profit darts organization, but more so, be positive in everything that we do and demonstrate integrity for our members.  We will involve members and be open to ideas and cooperation.  We will work for your support every day in our volunteer work.  Your Director and all other Executive have been working tirelessly to create opportunities for the organization.  We have an initiative to be more visible on social media platforms and have a great new website where members will be able to go for information.

We will promote the game on every level possible.  That work begins with you.  Without members and players alike, we are nothing.  Together we can achieve great things for PEI.  We want to welcome players of all skill levels, no matter if your goal is to play on a National stage or if you only want to play locally from time to time.

We will invest time and energy into our youth program.  Our Youth Director is committed to recruiting young players and helping to teach them not only how to play the game, but how to do it respectfully and with sportsmanship.  Our youth are the future of our membership.

The PEIDAI is not just an organization.  It’s a movement; a vision.  It’s a total mindset change and we will represent all of PEI and will do it with pride and honesty.  What has happened in the past is now history and we are driven to move forward and represent you as the membership with the integrity you deserve. 

I would like to thank those of you that have pledged your support to us.  To all of you, I pledge my honesty, loyalty and unwavering desire to succeed.  It is apparent to me that darts are alive and well on PEI and even though there is much work to do to get back to hosting National tournaments and comprising a Team PEI on the National stage, we will get there.    We have made great strides in the early days in our fundraising efforts and it is because of that great work that we are close to having enough equipment again for our future tournaments.

In closing, I would also like to thank your Executive Board for their dedication, drive and commitment to our common goal and for allowing me to be part of it all.  At the end of the day, we, along with all of you, are dart players who just want to play the game the right way and we all make up Team PEI.