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Inaugural Season

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Well, we're getting geared up to start our inaugural season as an association!  So exciting!  Alot has happened since our establishment.  
Let me share some of the highlights:

  • We partnered with True North Christian Church for our big recycling fundraiser at CBMF.  We gained $3333.33 for PEIDA & True North received $1666.67.   It was a huge success for both organizations!  CBMF was very pleased with our hard work and has offered us first dibs on the spot for next year as well. 
  • Our legal bills for start-up of our Association have been paid in full.
  • We hosted our 1st Annual General Meeting with our membership with a great turnout of members.  We also, had some non-members attend to allow them an opportunity to speak as a player with no voting privileges.  
  • We've been able to host a number of successful fundraising tournaments.
  • Our Chase the Ace has built to a jackpot of $1053!  It has been a very successful fundraiser for us and the Summerside legion.

Players are excited to start and numerous people have contacted us about purchasing memberships and trying out for Team PEI.  
This season's national competition will be hosted in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in June 2020.  Information will be shared about tryouts for Team PEI in the coming weeks.

We strive to be an open-minded and inclusive organization that is here for the players and to build the sport on PEI.  I continue to be grateful for the work of our executive board and the support of the players.  We wouldn't be at this point without you all!  Thank you!