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Director Update!

Friday, May 19, 2023

Here we are in 2023.  Covid didn't stop our wheels from turning completely.  Here's what we've done since my last update:

  • We have our first full team going to St Hyacinthe Quebec in June to represent PEI at National competitions.  
  • This week our first youth team made the journey but, I'll let our Youth Director speak to that.  I will say we are ever so proud of the work that's been done to build and grow our association.
  • We are planning our first nationally ranked tournament for October 20-22 at Rodd Royalty in Charlottetown.  We've named it the Red Rock Open in memory of Mike Prowse and Jeremy Stretch.  Both players who are greatly missed by the dart community.  
  • We've been running a Chase the Ace partnership with our venue, Emerald Community Centre.  It has been having escalating success as the jackpot has built to currently to just over $5000!

We are excited for all the new things happening for us and our membership.  We're always seeking out new members.  Come join us at one of our tournaments where you can meet us in person to ask questions and have a great day of darts!