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In the beginning

Friday, November 9, 2018

PEI Sharpshooter’s Association was established in 2005 as the Member Darts Body of National Darts Federation of Canada in Prince Edward Island.  In the beginning we were a very small membership.  We were eventually able to rally a team of 8 men and 8 women to represent PEI at the annual national competition, though it took us a number of years to get to that point.  We were also able to start hosting nationally ranked tournaments where players could earn points toward their national ranking in single player events.  In most recent years the two tournaments hosted by PEI Sharpshooter’s Association have been two of the most popular tournaments in Eastern Canada which have drawn players from coast to coast to participate in these events. 

At the beginning of October we were notified by PEI Sharpshooter’s Executive the organization would be wrapping up.  Some of the former members decided to look into what it would take to keep things going here in PEI.  We hit a number of walls when trying to assume responsibility for the wrapped up organization and regaining the equipment and monies included in that.  What we’ve opted to do instead is start fresh.  We’ve organized a passionate group of people to lead our new organization into the future.  Our primary goal is to promote and encourage growth in our adult and youth programs here in PEI.   We want to work for our members.  We will be transparent in running the organization and engage our membership in the decision making.  We want to revitalize our open tournaments and bring back the out of province supporters to those events

Since starting this process at the beginning of October great things have happened for us.  We’ve received confirmation of dart board sponsorship from Summerside Chrysler Dodge and a local building supply store in Summerside has agreed to provide us with materials needed to rebuild stands for the new boards.  One of our supporters and father of one of soon to be youth players Kent Silliker has offered his time and skillset to building those stands.  I’ve been approached by many people over the past month over what is happening here.  Local and out of province individuals and businesses, some simply offering kind words of support all the way to offering venues, financial assistance and equipment.  It’s amazing how much a passionate and determined group of people can accomplish.  I’m truly proud of the executive board and the supporters we have here and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for PEI Darts Association.