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Events Update

Saturday, November 13, 2021

As the newly elected Vice President of Operations, I am very happy to have the chance of bringing back darts events on the island. Sadly because of Covid, we had to skip the NDFC nationals in 2020 and 2021, but hopefully for 2022, Covid will give us a well-deserved break and allow Team PEI to compete at the nationals, due to take place in Toronto.

We have already played through one fundraiser tournament, which took place on October 24. We had a turnout of 18 players for a blind mixed doubles draw, which we consider a success, taking into account how long it had been since an official event had taken place. We are hoping to hold fundraiser tournaments on a monthly basis. Our next event will be held on November 14, with the same format as the previous one. But in the future, we are looking forward to mixing up the formats of the fundraiser tournaments in hopes of bringing more players to our events.

We also have the Team PEI Qualifier events coming up. The first of which will be held on November 21 at the Emerald Community Center in Kinkora. The PEIDA executive had many discussions about the format for those events. Based on past similar events in 2019 as well as comments and feedback from players, we have come up with a format which we think will please all the players that will participate. Depending on the number of players registered, there will be either one or two round robins. The first one serving as a seeding round for the second-round robin. The second-round robin will be the ranking one, giving all players their final position, allowing to collect ranking points. As was the case in 2019, all players will be able to participate in all three qualifying events. In the end, the two best point tallies out of the three events will count for the final standings that will determine the players who will be part of the team that will go to nationals. We are quite excited to try out this new format and we think the players will enjoy it!

As for open events on the island, the executive is not planning on holding such an event before 2023. Considering the Covid situation currently and the outlook for the upcoming months, as well as the situation in the darts community in the Atlantic region, we figured it wasn’t a good idea to plan an open event for 2022. By waiting until 2023, it will allow us to have plenty of time to plan ahead and prepare in order to welcome the country to PEI for the first official event of the new darts association. We are definitely looking forward to having open events, but we want to do it right!

On another note, we are on the late stages of preparing the return of our Chase the Ace weekly draw! We are excited about this and we hope to be able to bring you this new chase early in January 2022! Stay tuned

These are the latest news in the PEIDA events planning! We hope to see you soon at any of our events! Spread the word, and follow us on Facebook! Make sure you also sign up to our email list to get the latest updates!